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E.E. is a Filipino-American originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He began dance studies with modern dance pioneer Hanya Holm while simultaneously embodying the post-modern practice of contact improvisation. E.E. has been a prolific performer and choreographer for over 30 years. He is active in exploring investigations that are focused through a lens of somatic movement as it applies to choreography and dance performance. His collaborations with composers and musicians create interdisciplinary performances including new choreography, improvisation, contact improvisation and methods of dissemination through workshops, classes, performances and social media. E.E. is an Associate Professor of Dance at UNC Charlotte. He is a passionate gardener and landscaper, finding and exploring the parallels in nature and dance.

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33rd Annual North American Body-Mind Centering® Association Conference | June 6th-10th | Smith College, Northhampton, MA

Resounding, Resonating, and Reverberation

In this workshop we will explore Basic Neurocellular Patterns’ (BNP) Prevertebral series, starting with vibration. Understanding and embodying the Simultaneous Condensing and Expanding Yield at an atomic level will facilitate somatic integration within one’s self, connection with others, and the environments they each inhabit. Breathwork, vocalizing, hands-on work and movement will allow participants to experience a new freedom and support for resilience in present moment awareness. In BMC SCEY, is described as developing in the early weeks in uterine life. It is also an outgrowth of cellular breathing and resonance that has a rhythm and is recorded by the autonomic nervous system.

 Modes of Presentation: movement, touch, somatization, vocalizing/sounding, verbal dialogue

 Goals: to invite and re/embody the concepts of vibration and cellular breathing and other BMC prevertebral development for resilience, healing, expression and connection with others. Intention, positivity and support are essential as a group dynamic.