Movement Migration presents INCANTARE

An evening of seasoned professional dance artist collaborating to create and perform dynamic and poignant dance works that portray the depths of the human experience; the dances are shared with audiences around the world. This perfomance demonstrates our interest in a variety of dance styles and expressions. We are delighted to open the performance with the premiere of Lullaby-The Stories We Tell, choreographed by acclaimed artist Blakeley White-McGuire, at the DAP Festival.

Directed by Kim Jones, the ensemble’s members are steeped in the celebrated traditions of classical ballet and modern dance, each having achieved professional expertise in distinct technical training and performance disciplines.

The group members come from many places in the world and span four decades in age. From these varied backgrounds, the artists bring their passions, freedom, and inexplicable beauty of expression.

“Migration” signals the transformation and convergence of technical training and individual approaches into a collective creativity that traverses cultural boundaries and transfers movement knowledge from person to person and community to community.


Kim Jones